I have not tried that – because I just learned today about it – but I will try and write back in 3 weeks to see if I can get them to sprout without adding vinegar. Other than the sprouting issue, I’ve been so satisfied with Jovial’s berries over others. Trying to feed my family as best as I can! Ingredients1 cup einkorn berries2 quarts water. I tried sprouting multiple batches, because I order it very often, thinking that maybe different lots would perform differently. Thank you so much for this wonderful and healthy recipe. Numerous people will state that the einkorn wheat berries from Jovial don’t “sprout” for them. This is good information! Jody Cummings & Valeria….I was curious as to whether or not the freezing method worked out with your Jovial Einkorn Wheat Berries…Any luck? Its a great trick. You’ll need 30g sprouted berries – the kernels will absorb some water, bringing up the weight. I was able to sprout grains from Einkorn.com easily. The grains should stay moist but not submerged into water. Sprouting also greatly increases the amount of phytase, an enzyme that acts on phytate (or phytic acid) to break it down to release phosphorus in a form that we can absorb (source). Ordinary de-hulling machines used by other farmers, work by mechanically grinding the hulls off the kernels which damages the grain with nicks and scratches. Hi Billie-Yes, you can use this method for einkorn. To prevent mold, the berries now need to be dried completely in a food dehydrator or an oven. What People Are Saying Plus, making it at home is much more cost effective that buying it in the store. Now that we’re up to speed on sprouted grains and their nutritional and culinary benefits, let’s take a look at how to actually make them at home. I have been searching all over about sprouting Einkorn for wheatgrass and I’m not having any luck can someone help me? Once tiny tails start showing – the grains are done. Duration: 2 to 3 days. I don’t think it matters since I will be cooking the flour I make from the grains anyway – I’m not worried about keeping the temperature that low. I can’t get them to sprout, either and they continue to say that the removal of the husks shouldn’t matter when it comes to sprouting. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ve been buying Jovial grains for years and NEVER saw a dead insect. A Dry Sense Of Humor… Hahaha! For a year now I have been making Einkorn bread using only whole-grain Einkorn flour, water, levain, and salt. This is the no-brainer when it comes to grinding your own flour. ), rinse it the grains in fresh filtered water. I also get 10 pounds bags from Jovial and mill them to make sourdoughs and other baked goodies. I’m new to the forum. Adapted from The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole Grain Breakmaking by Laurel Robertson. Well, because sprouting does a whole lot to take wheat to a new level of nutrition. Place wheat berries in a quart-size sprouting jar or other sprouting container. The addition of Einkorn flour has made the sprouted bread recipes lighter than sprouted wheat and cornmeal recipes, and the taste was excellent. Per Dianne’s timing, this will be somewhere between noon and 1:00PM. Very similar to blueberry sprouting – will absolutely not sprout unless the seeds are frozen for at least 3 weeks. The flour worked great for most of my unleavened recipes; however, when I tried to make pizza dough or a loaf of bread the results were horrible. Needing a hull doesn’t make sense to me, because other seeds sprout without hulls…but then I’m not a wheat farmer. If the berries are old, and have already made it through a natural winter, these steps are not necessary. Then dry them in a dehydrator, or spread them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at the lowest oven temperature until dry, about 3 hours. The dormant statement made a lot of sense too. Also, I checked on the winter hibernation – and YES – these berries, if fresh, need to be frozen for at least 3 weeks in the freezer for them to be able to sprout. Where do you purchase your einkorn from? Wheat, spelt, oats, barley and einkorn all work well for sprouting. It had dead ones mixed in the grains, nothing alive, so this tells me they didn’t get there on the shelf at the store.