Fourth power square, as the name suggests, since Brahma has Four Heads. Most Powerful Weapon, Infallible, cannot be stopped by anyone, except Lord Shiva himself and Goddess Shakti (consort of lord Shiva in Parvati form). It takes warriors of extreme skill and training to exert their complete concentration to … The OG femme fatale of Hindu mythology, Mohini is the only female avatar of the God Vishnu. The most powerful Weapon & the most powerful Mortal Warrior in Hindu Mythology 70 results; 1; 2; deltahuman. August 1, 2017 Admin . This weapon was death of Arjuna. Sure to kill the target, no matter what/who it may be. His divine weapon that could shake the earth was created by the Cyclops, the giants skillful in metallurgy. The Brahmastra was an elite weapon with … It is an image of self-sovereignty, the authority of administration and the ability to run the show. Translated as “smasher of thousands,” it was extremely powerful in the god’s hand and was also capable of flying around the battlefield to spray venom and flame. It was a very powerful weapon. Lord Shiva & Trishul. It has the exact same characteristics and properties as the Sharur. Most could’ve picked up the inner strength of these characters and there are a few who do not see the inner capabilities and stick to the superficial ones. Brahma. Most Powerful Weapon In Hindu Mythology | Sambhav Astra | Sudarshan Chakra About : Sudarshan Chakra Is A Weapon Of Lord Narayana. Brahmastra. The most powerful person on earth in hindu mythology.Had 10 heads which he got from lord Shiva. Wiki Points. The Mjolnir of Norse mythology has some similarities with the Marvel one — it’s an amazing weapon forged by dwarves and whatnot. There are several tales that explains the origin of this symbol and how Maha Vishnu became the possessor of this mighty weapon. The weapon of Pasupati, an epithet of Shiva) in Hindu mythology is an irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Shiva, Kali and Adi Para Shakti, which can be discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. Top 10 most powerful weapons in Hindu mythology. Brahmastra . There has been some very vastly worshipped and prominently known goddess in the writings and Vedas. He also killed many powerful demons like Jatasura, Kirmira, Bakasura, Maniman, and Hidimba. The trishula symbolism is polyvalent and rich. The gada is the fundamental weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman. Shiva gave Bhasmasura a boon that he would be able to turn anyone to ash by touching their head. Yet another weapon fashioned by the dwarves of Norse mythology, Mjolnir, which means ‘grinder’ or ‘crusher’ in old Norse, is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and fertility. All of this begins with some powerful women that have mentioned in the Hindu Mythology. Tradition says that their character was so strong, that no calamity could diminish their spiritual power. Nice to know about all the powerful weapons used in hindu mythology. Sharur features most prominently in Ninurta’s battle with Asag, a demon so evil that fish boiled alive in his presence. The first Brahmastra, the second Naranastra, the third Pashupatastra, the fourth Vajra and the fifth Sudarshan Chakra. Top 10 most powerful weapons in Hindu mythology. Followers. Hindu mythology gives equal importance and honor to the female deities as they give to the male deities. 6. One such tale is, Maha Vishnu offered penance to God Shiva for … Never to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupata is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. Top 5 Gada in Hindu Mythology 1. The fantastic missiles that these myths mention are said to contain immense power, some are even said to be able to bring about the end of this world. Though it was once stopped by Atikaya, who caught hold of it mid-air. 10.vasavi shakti:-Indra's weapon that was loaned for a one-time use to Karna. Only Arjuna and Ashwatthama possessed the knowledge to summon the Brahmashira. Sharur is also known as “Vajra” in Hindu mythology. He should be in the top 5 or top 10. Died because kidnapping his own daughter sita (wife of lord rama) The Lord of Demon Kings himself he could control the planets AT WILL. But of all the weapons that could be used by humans (as mentioned in scriptures), Brahm-astra perhaps was the most powerful. The 5 Most Powerful Weapons Of Gods And Goddesses In Greek Mythology . The Brahmashira was never used in war, as it had four times more power than the Brahmastra, i.e. It is wielded by the god Shiva and is said to have been used to sever the original head of Ganesha. He is master in mace fighting. Brahmastra : The Most Powerful Divine Weapon In Hindu Mythology In mythology, it was the five most destructive weapons. Though it was once stopped by Atikaya (son of Ravana), who caught hold of it mid-air. 0. Home History Top 10 Most Powerful Hindu Gods/Lords Top 10 Most Powerful Hindu Gods/Lords. The Brahmastra is a supernatural weapon created by Lord Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Hanuman Gada (Mace) is conveyed in the correct hand of Master Hanuman. It is said that Shiva, in grief, carried … No astra or weapon is its equal as it adishakti herself who is power source of all Hindu gods. Sure to kill the target, no matter what/who it may be. It was used by Cronus, the son of Uranus to overthrow his father by castrating him. While Sambhav Astra Is A Weapon Of Lord Mahadeva. Pashupat Maha-astra was also very powerful, Arjuna used that to combat Brahma-astra shot by Ashwatthama. Never to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupatastra is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. it was considered as a very destructive weapon. Reviews: 0. प्राचीन हिंदू कहानियों में 10 सबसे महत्वपूर्ण अस्त्र जी जानकारी | Most Powerful Weapons (Astra) according to Hindu Mythology in Hindi The most powerful Hindu goddess is Durga Devi. 1. 0. The Brahmastra, Narayanastra, Paashupatastra are the deadliest missiles ever conceived. 1. Then he gave it to his son Lavanasura. Here i would like to share about Sudharshana Chakra. Karna preserved it to use it against Arjuna but was forced by some smart tactical moves to use it against Ghatotkacha instead. Here is a list of weapon which can be related to the most powerful Hindu god weapons often being compared to the nuclear weapons of our times. Brahma had created a weapon even more powerful than the Brahmastra, called the Brahmashira. Narayanastra is the most destructive celestial weapon in Hindu mythology. 10.vasavi shakti:- Indra's weapon that was loaned for a one-time use to Karna. Bhima also comes under the most powerful warriors in Mahabharata. Specific Nature of Astras Whilst an astra is the general term used to denote a supernatural weapon in Hindu mythology, these weapons have certain features that allow them to be distinguished from those found in the mythology of other world cultures. ... From the Vedic mythology, Yama also known as Yamaraja is the God of Death. Hanuman Gada. Trident of Madhu - It was given as a boon by Shiva to Madhu, a Rakshasa. Apollo's Powerful Bow They are also said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance and destruction, past, present and future. Yet, there is one which is the most powerful goddess and has shown her power in many means. He is considered as the firstever mortal being who died and hence became the king of the dead. Shiva’s weapon the trishula is one of the most powerful weapons in Hindu mythology . It is considered one of the most fearsome weapons in Norse mythology, with the power to level mountains. His only temple is located in Srivanchiyam situated in Tamil Nadu. 9.Vajra:-Indra favourite personal weapon . In the Hindu mythology, every God has a weapon or an item that has great symbolic and metaphorical reference. The Pashupatastra in Hindu mythology, is the irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Shiva discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. For instance, Lord Shiva is seen with a ‘Damru’ that signifies infinity. via Wikipedia. The Mythological wars of ancient India, as in the epics of Ramayana or Mahabharata are among the most flamboyant and devastating wars across almost ev However, unlike the movie Thor’s weapon, which ultimately turned out to be something the thunder god could do just fine without, the Mjolnir of legend is not just the most powerful weapon of its own mythology. Jayantha Vel - A spear which contains the power of the third eye of Lord Shiva. ©Jacob Atienza. Considered to be the most powerful weapon. Among the various weapons used few had immense power, they could destroy continents, even planets if desired. Bhima was the second son of King Pandu. A large part of the culture of ancient civilizations focused on the supernatural, including the influence of magical forces on their lives. He is also seen with the ‘Trishul’, that stands for the three Gunas prescribed in the Dharma. The most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology, according to Shaiva traditions, infallible, cannot be stopped by anyone, except Lord Shiva himself and Goddess Shakti; the consort of Lord Shiva in Parvati form. Forum Posts. As the name suggests it was creator by the Creator himself. Hindu mythology is made out of numerous traditional narrative in which the most famous of them are Ramayana , the Mahabharata and the Tamil sangam .In all of these narrations its explains about the Gods,Devans, Demon,Sages,Kingdoms and Wars. This is one of the most powerful weapons in Greek mythology and predates the Gods since it was forged during the time of the Titans. On Ramayana and Mahabharata, numerous celestial weapons were used during the course of the story. The Sudharshana Chakra can be considered as an important symbol in Hinduism. After this, the weapon became the weapon of choice for Cronus when he became the king of the Titans and his father was imprisoned for life. Indian Mythology talks about great weapons of mass destruction. When Bhasmasura tried to use this power on Shiva, he ran terrified. I don't think there should be any mention of which was the strongest of all the weapons that Gods used. Karna preserved it to use it against Arjuna but was forced by some smart tactical moves to use it against Ghatotkacha instead. These supernatural weapons are wielded by the characters of the various Hindu texts, including those of the famous epic, the Mahabharata. Bhima is the most powerful warriors of that time. 10. She is best known for charming her way to victory with one of the most popular stories being her defeat of the ash-demon Bhasmasura. Sudarshana Chakra is considered to be the most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology.When it pursued sage Durvasa,neither Lord Brahma nor Lord Shiva could stop it.Sudarshana Chakra was used to cut the corpse of Sati, the consort of Shiva into 51 pieces after she gave up her life by throwing herself in a yagna (fire sacrifice) of her father Daksha. Right now we are going to talk more on top 20 War Weaponry(Astra) used by the Gods […] The same trident ('trishula' Sanskrit for "triple-spear") was also the weapon of Shiva, the destroyer, the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity. Follow 5676.