The song was co-written by the group's lead guitarist Randy Bachman and lead singer Burton Cummings and originally included on the band's 1969 album Wheatfield Soul. the rest of the CD has some great tunes on it, especially if you are a child of the 70's. By that time we had more tracks to play with. There are already plans for a follow up album to Jukebox with Jukebox II sometime in the future, as well as a Television special. He joined The Guess Who in 1965 to replace keyboardist Bob Ashley and shortly thereafter its previous lead singer, Chad Allan, left the band. Those guys who call themselves “The Guess Who” are just a karaoke band. I dialed that up, and the one just previous to it had this whole stanza about “the dust of death”, and I thought, this is meant to be. Sung by Burton Cummings, who replaced pianist Bob Ashley in Chad Allan & the Expressions a year after the group hit with "Shakin' All Over," his distinctive voice would become the cornerstone of the band's sound. It just happened as a jam. Guess Who lead singer Burton Cummings recruited guitarists Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw to replace Bachman. Cummings is set to release a solo album in the first half of 2008 titled Above The Ground. It turned into some sort of bullshit fusion band that it never was. It takes you decades to get to that point you know? We were all in our 20’s you know? Oh yeah, sure. Aug 13, 2014 - Explore Rhonda Tackett's board "The Guess Who" on Pinterest. I added the flute part and changed a few notes around, but it’s Randy’s song. I was in first class, and I looked up at the cockpit door, and I counted eleven rifles leaned up against the door. The only time I got up from the kit all night was to play the keyboard intro to “These Eyes”. In 1969, The Guess Who scored a huge international hit with "These Eyes", co-written by Cummings (with Randy Bachman). Yeah, I worked in the mail department there doing a job that you could train a pigeon to do. We were never in 16 Magazine and we were never the pretty boys. I liked Share The Land, it was a great album. So that became “Live At The Paramount” instead. We were very lucky. With these three stations competing with each other in a city of 500,000 people, the radio was just on fire, and we were hearing things that they just were not hearing in the rest of Canada. You’ve mentioned that your mother was very supportive of you throughout your career; what were her thoughts on you being one of the most prolific songwriters to come out of Canada? I would never have interns interact with my followers. That was back in 1969 with Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Byrds, The Burrito Brothers, Frank Zappa and The Mothers, Alice Cooper, Bo Didley, Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina, The Chicago Transit Authority. What was it like working with Richard Perry? The only time I got up from the kit all night was to play the keyboard intro to “These Eyes”. You just can’t predict it. I just thought that it was a great idea to do that, to put him on the cover. Cummings has enjoyed in a dazzling career spanning more than forty years. In 2001, Burton and the rest of The Guess Who received honorary doctorates at Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba. What about as a solo artist? Good song, bad record. As the Beatles had songs on the charts at the time, Guess Who fans joked that the band was "bigger than the Beatles". The song "Undun" featured Cummings on a jazzy flute solo. We stayed in Winnipeg, even after we bounced Randy. It’s a big deal for the country. We didn’t have as good a manager as we should have, so our percentage was just pathetic, and when he re-negotiated he didn’t bump it up at all. I’m hoping that we’ll do it at the Imperial Room at The Royal York in Toronto; there’s something very magical about that room. We never said “go ahead and copyright the name and make it like a McDonalds franchise”. Was the payoff more lucrative? I thought that once Randy was gone and Kurt came in it was more like a band. The rest is just gobledey gook, war machines and ghetto scenes? I sung it for him in front of him and his wife many times, at some huge corporate events. All of that went down, it was a remarkable journey. American Woman was a big hit, but that wasn’t a tough band yet. And what Kale and Peterson did was just horrible. I think it was. The live version of “American Woman,” what’s with “watcha gonna do when the roast beef’s gone”? We stayed in Canada and kept waving that flag. That’s one of Randy’s songs. Britain has The Beatles and The Stones, the U.S.A. has Elvis and Sinatra, and Canada has The Guess Who. Kurt had a habit of coming to me with these great guitar riffs, and all I had to do was sing over them and there we’d have a hit song. This will be his first solo album since Plus Signs was released in 1990. I go up on the stage, scoop the winnings, and get the fuck out of there as fast as I could. Is that how you wrote “Clap For The Wolfman?” Was it related to that? Some songs and performances have that in-the-pocket "magic," and "These Eyes" by the Guess Who is such a recording. The riff is from a group called “Brother” that Kurt was in before he joined us. That to me was tremendous, but then she also insisted that I go to work at Eaton’s. In part one of our interview with Randy Bachman, which you can read here, the legendary Canadian singer-guitarist-songwriter, of Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame, talked about his early roots and his love of the Beatles—specifically George Harrison, the subject of Bachman’s 2018 tribute album, By George—By Bachman.. Randy Bachman and drummer Garry Peterson joined in 1962, when the group’s name was changed to Chad Allan & The Reflections. The road was so new and crazy when I joined the band, I was a young guy. Burton Cummings is a Canadian musician and songwriter who was the lead singer of The Guess Who, before launching a successful solo career. Then he told some people, not knowing it would get back to me, “I can’t wait until Cummings finds out about this, it’s going to drive him nuts”. The band couldn’t find me because I’m outside bartering, so they went on without me and started playing that riff. You don’t often think that the head of a government knows your music. "These Eyes" was their breakthrough single and a radio favorite across the world. With Troiano it was always all business, with Bachman it was always all business. "These Eyes" was the culmination of their efforts, and it became their first Top 10 hit in the US. Keyboardist Bob Ashley rounded out the five-man lineup, which changed its name to Chad Allan & the Expressions in 1965. Before then it was the Seattle Pop Festival with about sixty or seventy thousand. It basically kept my music on the air and was responsible for me getting more airplay than anyone else in the history of the country.That law helped create the Canadian recording industry. People see them when they get lost on their way to the tilt-a-whirl. Growing up in Winnipeg, we had three AM stations in the 50’s and 60’s all competing for the audience. Chad Allan was never that. I’m playing stuff for the guys like “I’m Scared,” one of the greatest songs I ever wrote, and I’m still in The Guess Who and they don’t want to do it, they don’t think it’s any good. I got with Richard Perry who was the hottest producer in North America at the time. As a matter of fact, I liked the song so much; I re-recorded it on “Dream Of A Child” with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter on guitar. “Rain Dance.” We’re going to bring that back because we finally have enough guys to do the chant. Nobody recognized you? So all of those things that came into our heads, that was what shaped the songwriting. She came home one day from working at Eaton’s and I said, “by the way, I quit school today,” expecting the roof to cave in, but she was cool about it all. It will be songs like “Bopper,” “Hang On To Your Life,” the stuff that I was screaming when I was 21; I can do it once for the cameras. They would come up to Winnipeg to party, because Winnipeg was the closest big city. He’s going through an ugly divorce right now. You should hear what our drummer says about me! The hunters were allowed to bring their rifles onto the commercial planes back then. Who were Christopher, the Astronomer, and John with the gun? There was a huge air force base in Grand Forks North Dakota, about 130 miles south of Winnipeg, just across the American border. The last Prime Minister we had, Stephen Harper, he was a bit of a singer and he used to do Share The Land at parties. When they brought in that law, at first I was offended and said “what good is it”, and “we’re just a bunch of pussies if we need the government’s help”, so I spoke out against it, and in retrospect it was quite foolish because for decades after it’s enactment it turned out to be the hand that fed me. Wasn’t the flip side of that single a song called “Broken”? The song was co-written by the group's lead guitarist Randy Bachman and lead singer Burton Cummings and originally included on the band's 1969 album Wheatfield Soul. These Eyes, Laughing, No The principal members were Chad Allan, Randy Bachman, Garry Peterson, Jim Kale, Burton Cummings, Kurt Winter, and Greg Leskiw. Cummings also received The Order of Manitoba Award. Jann Wenner from Rolling Stone never liked us. There was no Christopher or an astronomer, those were just words I chose to rhyme with “Where’d you get the gun John.” John was my next door neighbor and one day I went over and he was sitting on the steps cleaning his rifle. The song was co-written by the group's lead guitarist Randy Bachman and lead singer Burton Cummings and originally included on the band's 1969 album Wheatfield Soul. The Guess Who didn’t need the help, but it helped all the others who came in our wake so to speak. It was never a put down, that’s a myth. You know what man? First of all they had just witnessed AC/DC blowing the lid off of half a million people, and then out comes Mick and he invites Justin Timberlake on the stage, and they’re going “whoo-ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo”. So that’s what this award is about, it’s not about the old days, it’s about from that point on. People are getting called up and they’re singing songs that they had no business trying to sing, and then at one point, my name gets drawn and the MC calls “Captain America, you’re up”. Randy has never let the truth get in the way of a good story, I’ll tell you that. But Randy never left us, we left him, put it that way. He won’t do a Zeppelin reunion because he can’t pull off the vocals any more. It turned out to be a pretty good album, and when it came out we were starting to be taken really seriously as a band. What was that about? I wasn’t even thirty years old yet, and it was enough already with The Guess Who. I play the drums too, and had to play drums at one of our gigs. [Burton Cummings] and I were the forces of the band because he was the lead singer and keyboard player, and I was the guitar, and we started to write songs together. Albums include American Woman, Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From the British Empire and Beyond, 1964-1969, and Canned Wheat. We were hearing stuff that the rest of the country was just not hearing. That’s why I went solo, I could play all the songs I wanted to play. I guarantee that in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver they were just not hearing these things, Winnipeg was really special. These Eyes was co-written by the group’s lead guitarist Randy Bachman and lead singer Burton Cummings.. This guy was crazy; snakes had bitten him something like a hundred times. Check out our new album out now! The drums sound awful, Kale played walking bass and it should have been A-C-D-C eights. Randy had told me that the lyrics were out of a really long Bob Dylan song. Yes, we were around at a very pivotal time for the Canadian recording industry, and we made a lot of noise, enough for that law to be infused. That speaks for itself. Any regrets about any of it, your days in The Guess Who? He just never could have sung it the way I did. His first band was a local Winnipeg R&B group The Deverons, with an 'E', (not to be confused with the band The Devrons who had Country/R&B hits in the early 60's such as "Brand X", "Battle Him", "Lost Love", "Too Little Too Late", "You're too Ugly to be Stupid"). The leaves on the plants looked like they were the size of my head. I only sleep three or four hours a day, and when I’m not working on my library of music, I do chat with my fans on Facebook. It seems that my entire life is on YouTube. Once upon a time I was going to write an autobiography and call it “Colored Lights Can Hypnotize”. Before that they used to lump us in with Ohio Express and Tommy James, which is really funny now because I don’t mind those artists at all. It was followed up by another monster hit "Laughing", again written by Cummings/Bachman. “Laughing” “Laughing” was written in about 25 or 30 minutes while we were waiting for the ferry to take us back to Vancouver from Vancouver Island. The ... "These Eyes" is a song by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who. I just had a little band, and we were doing OK. She didn’t freak out when I left school. We were just trying to get on the radio. I’ve read that a lot of people think this song is about a drug overdose. Burton Cummings and the Guess Who gave Canadians what it had longed for, for decades; a seat at the big table. Kurt and I had been friends, where Randy and I had never been friendly. You can’t believe some of the shit that he said. So I go up and say to him “hey, you got Mack The Knife”? About These Eyes "These Eyes" is a song by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who. The only thing I regret is not leaving the group two years earlier. Sunday mornings, this guy on CKY named “PJ the DJ”, Peter Jackson, or maybe it was Dino Corrie, would come on at 10am. I was traipsing around Europe all by myself, and I was sitting in Orly airport in Paris on my way to visit my sister. With the last few albums I’ve done, I own the masters as well. “Do you miss me darling” was Kurt’s hook, but I had the “what good is it, if I can’t even sing it to you” part kicking around for a while. He joined The Guess Who in 1965 to replace keyboardist Bob Ashley and shortly thereafter its previous lead singer, Chad Allan, left the band. Yeah, I’ve seen it go from tape to computer, and I was there when they first brought in “phantom faders” where you could make a mix, and not have to go through the motions the second time. I guess it was American Woman. Yeah, they recruited me because Chad Allan was going back into college and they got me because I could scream like Eric Burdon. He is now the longest standing lead singer the band has ever had. He was always very nice to us. When The Stones did “Stripped” they sounded great, they actually sounded like a band again, it was fucking tremendous! It was followed up by another monster hit "Laughing", again written by Cummings/Bachman. Musician and songwriter Burton Cummings promises to … Nobody had to tell anyone to play their hits because they were that good. We hopped around the world. I remember us doing a promotional tour for that in 1970 in the U.K. Kurt and I decided to sail back after 3 weeks of whirlpool shit. The song was much slower when he brought it to us, and I always loved the riff. Randy and I had already left, Randy had BTO and I was working on my third solo album when Kale phoned us one day in Los Angeles and asked if we minded if he used the name. Let’s start at the beginning with your first top ten hit, “These Eyes.”. I’ve said it endlessly over the years; I speak in metaphors. That was unbelievable, it took place over three days, and it was better than Woodstock but unfortunately nobody filmed it. Who the hell is that guy? There’s no more Guess Who. Bobby finished the tour with us in San Francisco, with me playing rhythm guitar, and I’m not really good enough to do that. It is now available on the Bachman-Cummings website (see below). The current lineup of the Guess Who, including original member Garry Peterson, have announced a new album, The Future IS What It Used To Be, and tour.The band, originally led by Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman, are well known for such classic rock hits as “American Woman,” “No Time,” “These Eyes,” and others. We were doing the midnight special a lot at the time, and we had gotten really friendly with The Wolfman, and they had a great song (sings the riff), but I just didn’t like what they were singing about so I changed it to be about The Wolfman, and sure enough it became a hit record. Some may argue that there were plenty of other acts to come out of the north; Buffalo Springfield had Neil Young, Dylan had The Band, and countless others had made their mark. Do you spend a lot of time on social media interacting with your fans? There were three bags of mail, and my job was to tell people that it didn’t matter which bag they put the mail in. I had stayed up all night partying, and the next morning didn’t make the gig. He had some pieces and I had some pieces, and they were both in the key of C, we threw them together and bingo-bango. They would get a weekend pass and would come up and bring their record with them; James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, tremendous R&B artists that I don’t think they were hearing in the rest of Canada. So the three of us went bang bang bang, yada yada yada, and that was it. None of it made sense to me at the end and I really should have left two years earlier. Did he have a hand in this? I don’t even really like the term “fan” because it seems a bit condescending. "With God on Our Side" is a cover of the famous Bob Dylan song. Is it a love song or a heartbreak song? This album is notable for being the first full-length "Guess Who" album to feature Burton Cummings on lead vocals and the first without original lead singer Chad Allan. And that creeps into your writing. Cummings would disband the group after the release of the Power in the Music album, and move to Los Angeles to start a solo career. Keith is the soul of The Stones, and Mick’s records sound like he just came down from the penthouse to go to the Gucci store, and then maybe stopped in to sing a song or two. It came out way before the Internet and cellphones, it came out in ’76 in a different world. What were you trying to say in it? Is this deliberate? What’s weird is that offers are starting to be talked about for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Cummings was born and raised in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, as were all of the other original members of The Guess Who. That was Greg Leskiw, we called him “The Roast Beef” for some strange reason I can’t remember. You could hear it for hundreds of miles away in the winter when it was cold. Believe it or not, I get recognized more now than I did then. We got on the boat and before the boat had even left, we had written “Laughing”. If you could do Eric Burdon, or Paul McCartney doing “Long Tall Sally” or Mike Smith from The Dave Clark Five, you were a bit of a screamer. If you were around then, you couldn’t miss the sound of those singles blasting out of your neighborhood jukebox. "These Eyes" is a song by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who. We drove from London to Southampton, and then sailed. They say that when The Beatles were in Hamburg they would play for something like eight hours a night, and I believe it. Eventually the Canadian government caught on and passed a law stating that all media outlets needed to play a minimum of twenty-five percent Canadian content. Well, it was supposed to have been “Live at Carnegie Hall”, but that was the gig that I blew. I can at least get these out one more time for the cameras. I’d like to decipher your hit songs. “Rain Dance” has it more than any of your songs. It’s got nothing to do with the old guys any more. This marked the first time a Canadian act reached No. The funny thing is that when you listen to a Keith Richards solo album and then a Mick Jagger solo album, the difference is un-fucking-believable. Once you’ve got a riff going, you know? As a 19-year-old, he joined the Guess Who as a keyboardist and singer. I want to capture this before I’m gone. And “Godspeed mother nature”? I haven’t talked to him much for a while. Ultimately, personal issues between Cummings and bandmate Randy Bachman -- partially ignited by Bachman's deepening Mormon religious beliefs -- caused a rift in the band. Beer bottles started flying and the audience is booing. You don’t realize the “trickle-down” effect you have when you write a song and it becomes a hit. It was about Bowie and the changes he was affecting. The MC announces, “Captain America wins it”! That’s where the lyric “American hunter, bring ‘em up the north side” came from. Burton Lorne Cummings, OC OM (born December 31, 1947) is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. That’s kind of sad in a way, there’s a level of hate. That’s what it fell into towards the end. “Albert Flasher,” more eclectic lyrics. You need six voices to pull that off, at least two of them to chant “don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna”. Cummings' first new studio album in 17 years, since Plus Signs was released on June 12, 2007 as a Bachman & Cummings album. How did Randy Bachman’s conversion to Mormonism affect the dynamic within the band? I was scared! He joined The Guess Who in early 2008, revitalizing the live show with a dynamic and interactive stage presence. It was just bullshit. You’ve received just about every award there is in Canada, the Order of Canada, the Juno, and most recently, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. It was followed up by the hit " Laughing ", which recorded a million radio plays, again written by Cummings and Bachman. We never really made money on our record sales, but we did make money touring. Seven of us spent the whole summer in two hotel rooms, four in one room and three in the other. ... Good ' History ' From The Guess Who. Genres: Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock. On today’s date in 1969, Winnipeg rock group The Guess Who saw These Eyes achieve gold status from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales topping one million copies.. In the late 1950s, Allan formed a band called The Silvertones with other Winnipeg teenagers, including bassist Jim Kale. In a country that’s used to being the quiet one, going about its business without noisily celebrating their successes, The Guess Who was like a 10-year energy drink. They would love for the 150th anniversary to see Bachman and Cummings on stage together. I’d like to decipher your hit songs. Pierre did a lot for the artists, he really did. Do you find it ironic that Americans miss the blatant put down in “American Woman?”. No, Kale got hold of it, and then he sold half the rights to Peterson for a dollar. On November 23rd, 2004, Burton Cummings' new single "With God on Our Side" debuted at 21st spot on a Canadian music internet music chart. And now his son is our newest Prime Minister. Reading the lyrics seems to bear this out. The best lineup was Kurt Winter, Donny MacDougal, Bill Wallace, Gary Peterson and myself. Are there any other songs you don’t do in your current act? After watching him produce my first two albums, I decided to take the plunge and produce myself. Through the years we watched the hunters come up from the states, up to Manitoba to go hunting. He was a very nice guy, and he knew a few of my tunes, which was very flattering. I was exhausted. I don’t think she ever got that whole globe-hopping thing and how amazing that really was. I know for sure it’s Kurt, Greg, and I and we’re at least doubled, maybe tripled. The song was co-written by the group's lead guitarist Randy Bachman and lead singer Burton Cummings and originally included on the band's 1969 album Wheatfield Soul. The band played local gigs in and around the Winnipeg area and after a series of personnel changes, the band consisted of Kowbell, guitarist Randy Bachman, drummer Garry Peterson, bassist Jim Kale and keyboard player Bob Ashley. The next year, they had two US chart-toppers: " American Woman " and " No Sugar Tonight ." Some lucky ones even caught his only non-USA concert ever in Toronto in 1957. It was just a way better fit. I get asked this all the time. Hmmm. That would have been a great title for the piece [laughs]. Wheatfield Soul, while not a major success, is still a favorite among the band's fan base. One of the most iconic rock songs of all times only took a half hour to write? After about a day of that I made a great big sign that said “PUT ANY MAIL IN ANY BAG”. It’s just really meant as an optimistic statement about the future. But since then, I’m still alive, and all of these fans, they’re my age, they’ve caught up to me. I love singing it because it’s got a great vocal. Randy Bachman is one of the rare artists who has been a key member of two, important rock bands: Bachman-Turner Overdrive and the Guess Who. We sat together one night for one of those Juno awards. Hang on to your life. I have no idea really, but I think the writing was always influenced by where we grew up.